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June 2018

Looking to extend the service life of your ASM inside Fuel Tank Inerting Systems (FTIS) or Nitrogen Generating Systems (NGS)? Protect your investment by choosing the most efficient pre-filtration solution and prevent early ASM failures.


The Air Separation Module (ASM) is a critical component of Nitrogen Generating Systems or Fuel Tank Inerting Systems. Used for many years in various industrial applications, ASMs offer a high level of reliability and when protected by the correct level of pre-filtration, can demonstrate service lives often exceeding 10 years.


In contrast, the high-cost ASMs used in aircraft applications are achieving on average, approximately 50% of their expected service life. Known to degrade from exposure to Ozone and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ASMs are generating a significant cost burden for Airlines and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) alike.


Access the on-demand session for this expert-led webinar on how to improve the life expectancy of your ASM and reduce your procurement and maintenance costs.


Key insights include:


  • Failure Mode and Effect Critical Analysis (FMECA) – The role contamination plays in low ASM life
  • Control of membrane contaminants and how enhanced filtration translates into cost savings
  • Failure analysis and life extension case studies
Helicopter Engine Air Protection | Pall Corporation

Aerospace | Pall Corporation webinar series

Flying in a tough environment? Looking for the best long-run and most cost-efficient engine inlet protection solution for your fleet? Protect your investment by choosing the correct system tailored to your flying environment.


Engines should be kept clear and free of contaminants, which cause irreversible damage. Understanding all types of contaminant challenges and the way in which they can affect engines and overall operations, is the first step in choosing the right solution. 


This is an on demand version of the expert-led webinar, including a 15min live Q&A segment on how to speed up your pre-flight and save maintenance cost by choosing the right Helicopter Engine Air Protection solution for you. 


  Key insights include:


  • In-depth review of typical contaminants
  • Full picture of available Engine Air Protection solutions 
  • Access to performance data that will allow you to select the most cost efficient engine air protection technology for your flying environment and business needs
February 2018
Filtration 101 – Debunking Five Common Myths About Filtration

Aerospace | Pall Corporation webinar series

Described as widely held but false beliefs or ideas, myths are usually created away from what is real, spread quickly and can pretend to give the listener or reader some hidden information which goes against accepted common knowledge.


The world of filtration also houses tall-tales; most unsurprisingly there are a few filtration myths which have spread around the industry. This expert led (on-demand) webinar including a 15min Q&A segment, looks to investigate 5 of the most common misconceptions when it comes to fluid cleanliness and filtration of Aerospace fluid systems and inform on why they are only myths.


Reasons to watch:


  • Learn why filters don’t not get finer as they plug up with contaminant
  • Find out why on-board filtration alone is not sufficient to maintain aircraft hydraulic fluid cleanliness
  • Discover how clean fluids in barrels actually are
  • Find out what Absolute Filter Rating means
May 2017
Cabin Air Quality - Advanced Filtration Technology

Aerospace | Pall Corporation webinar series

The Why, What and How of Cabin Air Filtration. How advanced air filters improve the cabin environment, reduce delays and enhance safety.


Industry interest in Cabin Air Quality for Commercial Aircraft has been a topic for decades, yet questions remain about best practices.


In this free on-demand session we highlight the advantages of a proactive approach to cabin air filtration and how cutting-edge technology, such as A-CAF (Advanced Cabin Air Filters), is already impacting on operational efficiency by improving the overall cabin environment, reducing schedule disruptions and driving industry development.


What to expect:


  • Advanced Cabin Air Filtration technology background
  • Filter technology tests and results
  • A highlight of future developments